There are innumerable headset manufacturers that released new play boxes in 2019 (and most of them passed through our office), but one of the year’s most exciting and emerging manufacturers is one of the oldest: Creative. As with many older PC players, I’ve had some of Creative’s products over the years, but not for long. So I was intrigued that the Sound BlastX H6 game landed on my desk to look at it. It is a mid-range headset (with USB connection) offered at a price of 80 USD / 70 GBP, putting it among the competition. But can Creative still stand out from the crowd in 2019?

The design of the headset is immediately elegant and appealing. It is mainly made of black plastic and metal and looks like a subtle gaming headset. No bright colors or edgy design changes. The whole device feels sturdy and has a good weight (just under 330g, according to Creative), giving it the impression that it could slip off the head in an occasional accident. The cushioning on the cups and headband also provides comfort and stability, and the high density foam of the ear cups prevents outside noise without special noise suppression techniques. It also makes it comfortable on the ears and you can feel it adapt to your ear and head shape. The earcups themselves feature 50mm neodymium drivers that are big enough for loud, bassy booms and perfect for a gaming headset. On the outside, you also get some subtle and cool-looking LED bands that can be customized via your PC. The H6’s microphone is detachable, so you can seamlessly switch from a designated gaming headset to a regular headphone for commuting or long trips. And if you care about the look of headsets, the detachable microphone also turns the headset into a normal-looking headphone. The only thing that drove up my eyebrow design was the size mechanism of the headband: while it feels solid overall, the band slides easily between the notches. However, this is not picking, as it does not slip to change size when worn for normal use.

By default, the headset comes with a detachable microphone, USB cable, audio-cord cable, and warranty / setup guides. The cables mean that it connects directly to one of your PC’s USB ports, but can also be used with PlayStation 4 and Switch with the same connection, while the socket is designed for use with Xbox and mobile devices. One thing that can happen with headsets that are compatible with all devices is too long cables, which leads to a constant battle with the excess. The H6 has no such problems, as all the cables (somehow) have the ideal length for PC and console game setups and mobile devices that I tested it with.

The left ear shell houses all the controls on board and at first glance it seems to give a lot, but in fact there is a good mix and you get used to it easily. On the back there is a volume control, a microphone on / off switch and an ambient noise switch. On the front there is an EQ profile button that allows you to scroll through (or omit) some of the optimized settings for games, movies, and music. These are available without the accompanying software that you can download for the PC. They are therefore useful for providing options for use with other devices. Note that volume control works only when the headset is powered via the USB connection. Overall, the keys are maintainable and with nice presets as a standard really useful – a more comprehensive customization and selection can be done via the companion software on the PC. At first, I was skeptical about the software, but it’s actually a decent companion to the headset, allowing so much more customization than I predicted: aside from an enormous range of presets you’ve designed by the creative team Your tinkering with the content of the heart is based on preference and play; This was great when switching between several games (eg between Metro Exodus and Apex Legends). You’ll also get plenty of flexibility for the RGB lights on the outside of the headset, which is a bit of a joke, even though you’re not visible when wearing the cans.

The quality of these features and software becomes clear when tested with a variety of media and of course games. DOOM gives every headset a good run for its money, especially at the lower end with its heavy basses and crunchy weapon sounds. The H6 kept up to date and delivered a clear and excellent sound at all times, even in the most hectic shootings. A game to try out a completely different kind of audio that I’m playing right now is Divinity Original Sin 2. Of course, it’s very different from Doom, but in terms of audio quality it’s very different, as the sound is mostly in the middle to upper regions too Listen is with its dialogue-oriented and medieval-sounding music-heavy soundtrack. Here the headset was just as good and turned skillfully to such a different audio setup. Maybe the dialogue sounded a bit hollow, lacking in abundance, but overall it was clear and sounded great while the music was adorable, and each note contributed beautifully to my auditory holes.

In modern gaming headsets, the surround sound has to be almost outstanding. From single player titles to countless Battle Royale shooters, you need to know exactly where people, shots and explosions come from, with every minute of sound or audio cue they deliver. So I chose Apex Legends to explore the surround sound of the H6 and the microphone. From the very beginning, the H6 proved it was excellent – even the epic drop music at the beginning was so good that it served as a premature indicator of the versatility of the headset. I felt completely comfortable in the game because I could rely on the surround sound and hear all the audio clues, pings and movement and weapon sounds heard in Battle Royale games. It never missed a beat and everything was clearly served. Elsewhere, the microphone was huge too. My teammates confirmed that the overall sound was clear and coherent, although the range or sonority of my voice was not as high as with other headsets, but overall good on the microphone. It may also be a bit predictable to put the flexible microphone in the right place at an early stage, as any adjustments or manipulations you make will send a series of booms to your friends. Overall, the H6 was a great, solid and consistent player in every game I tested it with (the ones mentioned above were the main players, but not the overall size), and I was very impressed.

I suggested it above, but the H6 continued to impress when tested with other media. it proved incredibly versatile and could turn his hand competently to any task it was posed. With a series of music and audio books with spoken words, it was always clear and the ear cups helped to prevent almost all the sounds of the world from reaching me during my commuting and walking. Maybe it was the strongest with Rock and Metal and anything with a decent bottom-up focus, but there was nothing that really affected the presentation of a music genre. It went equally well with television and films, albeit perhaps with a certain lack of dialogue. Nothing that would ever deter you or drastically disappoint you. It is also worth noting that the presets in the headsets are also successful. All the media I’ve tested with the presets is solid enough (there are three: games, movies, and music) and so different that they’re worth using – they’re not just gimmicks or hollow features Tick ​​the box .

This makes the Creative Sound BlasterX H6 one of the best headsets we’ve ever tested in this price range. In fact, the above-mentioned price ranges – such as the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas or the Razer Nari, which tops the list of the best gaming headsets – are under considerable pressure in terms of quality, performance, versatility and overall value.

If you’re looking for the best in a gaming-only headset, the HyperX Cloud Alpha or the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas may be better for you. However, if you’re looking for a great gaming headset that does not miss an audio beat and excels at all other media, the Creative Sound BlasterX H6 is a safe and strong choice that will not let you down.

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