We have a simple headphone test: increase the volume, listen to your favorite track and see if these cans will bring your hair to a halt. If this tingling shoots over your shoulders and along your arms, if that lane causes an emotional reaction, we know we have a winner.

Joking aside, let’s start with a little foreword: We are quite a connoisseur of wireless headsets here at mag. When you spend your days with multiple machines at the same time, working wirelessly makes your daily work more comfortable. Sure, they have their drawbacks – the limited battery life is certainly the big problem, and the sound quality over the wireless medium almost always suffers – but unlike the alternative, improving your quality of life is simply too tempting, even if not some of the stupid headphone pairs, we have in the office.

Aesthetically, they are a breath of fresh air. There is no RGB, the minimal amount of plastic feels soft, the leather foam headband is embroidered in different colors and the overall feel is robust. That can take a hit, that’s for sure. There is the usual height adjustment, but that’s it.

However, it is the audio signals that bring these beauties: 50 mm neodymium drivers drive both auricles, and although they are only equipped with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, they are among the most balanced coils we ever have seen the games market. Even the now legendary cloud series of HyperX Everything is crisp, everything is clear, they are not too bass-heavy, there are hardly any distortions and the mids do not fall flat – it’s all very nice.

Enter Corsair’s CUE software to access the EQ presets. Overall, there are five separate profiles available, all of which make a significant difference to the overall feel of the audio. But here too nothing is too hard and nothing leads to distortions. Bass Boost is our preferred EQ setting as it pumps up the lower end, lifting the heights just enough – you gain clarity at the top, while the fatiness on the underside secures. Just lovely.

So there are disadvantages? Aside from the lack of rotation and no RGB for the, er, enthusiasts, you’re still limited to a 16-hour battery life before charging, and there’s no dock or anything like that.

In addition, the 7.1-virtual surround sound is still quite annoying in movies and games. It’s just too synthetic and you can say it – but that’s an optional supplement. You do not have to activate it. Ultimately, these cans are great for the price as hell, sound incredible and are comfortable to wear. It’s hard not to love her.

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