Astro A50 Wireless

The Astro A50 combines two components: a weighted wireless headset and a USB base station. The base station connects to your PC or console and houses the wireless transmitter for communication with the headset.The geniuses of Astro have designed the A50 to be magnetic when docked. Just drop the headset into the docking station when it is not in use.The A50 is available in several variants, as the PS4 connects slightly different than the Xbox version. PC users can choose either option, but the owners of the console must choose the right version for full functionality.

The A50 seems to have been built for eternity. The headset is made of sturdy, matte plastic and is held together with two metallic side panels. The top section of the headset is flexible, so it can be raised and lowered, and it can also be stretched to accommodate wider heads.With a wireless headset with a specified battery life of 15 hours, the device feels surprisingly light on the head. This is partly due to the comfortable head piece in the upper part of the headset, which is covered with a thick layer of foam. This piece can be interchanged with the earcups to customize the styling of the headset to your liking – although at an extra cost.The earpieces can be swiveled 90 degrees and feel soft to the plastic. I like the size determination, with a large section for your ears. The ear cushions match the headband. The gray fabric provides a comfortable fit that is not prone to overheating on leather headsets.As with the Astro A40 TR, this headset clings to my head with a greater force that I like. It never gets too uncomfortable, but there are other headsets that are less tiring.The microphone folds when not in use and is flexible thanks to the malleable plastic shaft. If you use the microphone, you can also monitor your own voice in real time.Because it is a digital headset, you can use the various buttons on the headset to make numerous settings. Dolby Audio is activated with the top button, including an on / off switch and a volume control. The software connected to a PC or Mac allows direct control of the volume and the equalizer.

In terms of raw audio quality convinced the A50. The 40mm drivers do a fantastic job of reproducing even the most subtle of sounds, creating a great listening experience.It is also a pleasure to listen to music as the cans are relatively easy to deal with in a variety of genres.However, at this price, the headset does not offer the most detailed sound, and although the sound signature is well-balanced, the sound stage does not feel as wide as it may be.Of course you can open it with the Dolby Surround, but the music sounds muted and flat. Do not get me wrong, the Astro A50 sounds excellent, but reputable audiophiles can buy a pair of B & W wireless P5s at this price.The radio range is 30 feet, which should be more than enough for most. In my tests, I was able to leave the living room and use the kettle in the adjoining room next door, without the music breaking out. But if I went further, it gave up the ghost.

As far as the gaming side of things is concerned, virtual surround sound has been considered a gimmick by many, but this is no joke. Of all the headsets I’ve tested over the years, the A50 is the crown for the most authentic surround audio.Start Battlefield 1 and you will be a real treat. When you activate Dolby Headphone technology, the game will be put around your ears and you will be immediately involved in the action. Gunfire has a real direction, with shots behind you; it feels like the two speakers have become 6.The headset also responds well to any bass blast, with every bang beating with weight. Brighter sounds are also reproduced with the requisite sensitivity, with the vocals successfully reproducing the emotions of a particular scene. Exploring the story elements of Mass Effect is a pleasure.My voice was smooth and with a good separation from the background, and it’s not particularly nasal. Apart from that, the microphone is not very good for the “pop”. It is far from being something that I would use for serious comments or recordings.

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